Few medical conditions evoke such fear and dread as cancer.
Its many forms continue to account for a frightening number of deaths around the world, and treatment typically remains an arduous test for sufferers and their families.
We are constantly seeking new hope in the battle against this fierce disease, and in 2011, the University of Adelaide [...]

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Farmers working in rice paddies

A perfect storm is gathering in the area of global food security. Our population, and therefore our demand for food, is soaring.
Finite supplies of arable land are dwindling, with climate change threatening to make what we do have less productive. Global markets are dangerously vulnerable to financial crises and potential energy supply problems. As a [...]

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They’re among the most terrifying demonstrations of nature’s power we’re ever likely to see.
Large earthquakes can wreak death and destruction on a staggering scale, leaving physical, psychological and financial scars that can take years, if not decades to heal. Sometimes communities never recover. Naturally, it’s a danger we’d all like to feel safe from. The [...]

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nano lego

It’s recognised no one step can realistically be expected to adequately mitigate the potential effects of global warming over coming decades.
Action must be taken on a number of fronts, including, many believe, the capture of CO2 from the emissions of coal-fi red power stations. To-date, this particular goal has proven impossible to achieve in an [...]

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Fallen tree on the forest floor

When it comes to timber purchases, the vast majority of us want to do the right thing by our environment.
Given a choice between a product made from sustainably sourced wood and one that uses illegally logged timber from a protected forest or bushland, we’d take the former without hesitation. Unfortunately, however, at the point of [...]

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indigenous dental

Poor diets, bottled water, low fluoride toothpastes and lack of education – these are just some of the reasons behind the deterioration of oral health in children and Indigenous Australians. To help tackle this major health problem, the University of Adelaide has launched two research initiatives.
In 2011, the School of Dentistry’s Australian Research Centre for [...]

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endangered species

The loss of a species is unarguably a tragedy. Beyond the individual suffering involved, the delicate balance of entire ecosystems can be seriously jeopardised, leaving other lifeforms open to new and dangerous threats.
Not surprisingly, it’s a challenge many highly capable people across the globe have devoted themselves to meeting. But a major difficulty faced has [...]

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co2 sledgehammer

Many of us are concerned about the threat of global warming and the harmful effects it may have on future generations. But what many of us don’t know is that there is an associated risk of something very permanent – extinction. University of Adelaide research recently uncovered clear geological evidence of prehistoric mass extinctions triggered [...]

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brain imaging

Traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) affect tens of thousands of Australians, mostly young males, every year.
Tragically, a number of these will result in death or permanent disability. But for most, the injury is considered mild. Within this “mild” group however, a small number continue to suffer debilitating effects for many years, long after others in similar [...]

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Closeup of a lonely senior man lost in thought , looking away

Our twilight years are supposed to be golden. We look forward to having time at our disposal, the ability to pursue new interests, and having the health to support these activities.
But for increasing numbers of older Australians, life isn’t turning out that way. The reality is one of crushing social isolation and, physical and mental [...]

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