High Omega-3 eggs with Solar Eggs

Getting some extra omega-3 fatty acids in your diet will soon be easier with enriched eggs developed through a collaboration between the University of Adelaide and South Australian egg producer Solar Eggs.

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Emulating nature’s perfect pursuit

Researchers have discovered the secrets of the dragonfly’s incredible ability to pursue and catch moving prey, and successfully applied them in an autonomous robot.

Vodka from potato waste with Potatoes SA

Discarded potato peelings and pulp created by potato product manufacturers could soon be turned into a Premium South Australian Vodka.

Creating real-world impact from the University of Adelaide

The University of Adelaide’s Sapphire Clock team has grown from twenty years of dedicated research, which has created technology with the potential to shape Australia’s defence strategies. The team are based in the university’s Institute for Photonics and Advanced Sensing and have developed one of the world’s most precise clocks, that offers a 1000-fold improvement [...]

Gluten-free bread products with Riviera Bakery

Gluten-free bread products are often considered inferior in texture and taste compared to regular bread, but that is set to change with Riviera Bakery partnering with the University of Adelaide

Gravity speaks

The discovery of gravitational waves could allow some of the universe’s greatest secrets to be answered

Optic-fibre sensors enabling aircraft, ships to self-diagnose corrosion

In the near future, corrosion checks for critical defence assets may be a simple matter of running a laser over them, thanks to groundbreaking new research.

Thought for food

Food production and processing is going through its biggest transformation since the industrial revolution.

Ovaries reveal keys to managing fertility and obesity

Research into the proper functioning of the ovary is revealing exciting new directions for improved fertility management, policymaking in relation to obesity, and even enhanced animal breeding.

Quick smart: AI disease diagnosis now a reality

A collaboration between the University’s Australian Centre for Visual Technologies (ACVT) and Adelaide-based LBT Innovations (LBT) has given humanity a powerful new weapon in the fight against infectious disease.

Making computers see

Saving our defence force countless man-hours through the development of an artificial intelligence system that enables computers to answer questions about the content of images.

Connected to country: Australia’s genetic history

DNA in hair samples collected from Aboriginal people is reconstructing a remarkable 50,000 year history and revealing the deep origins of Aboriginal cultural attachment to place

New image-analysis tech to help feed the world

Remarkable Adelaide research is developing innovative image-analysis technology to dramatically accelerate identification of robust crop varieties capable of producing higher yields in harsh, climate-change-affected conditions.

Informing Australian wine growth and innovation

Research at Adelaide is revealing critical consumer and alternative-production insights to guide Australian winemakers in the search for increased sales and new markets.

Helping Indonesian dairy farmers prosper

A research team from the Centre for Global Food & Resources is leading a major international collaborative project to help West Javan and North Sumatran dairy farmers significantly increase the quantity and quality of the milk they produce—and achieve sustainable growth.

Maximising food-research impact through industry partnerships

We are embracing external collaboration to ensure our food-related investigations meet real world needs and deliver a smooth, lab-to-plate transition of benefits.

Protecting our crops’ insect pollinators

Adelaide researchers are working to arrest a worrying global decline in populations of the insects we rely on to pollinate many of our food crops - and sustain industries worth billions.

Towards a bush berry blueprint

One of Australian native food’s best-kept, and most nutritious, secrets is now an important step closer to large-scale commercial viability, thanks to research undertaken at the University of Adelaide.

Dietary concerns of Aussie mums and bubs

Research shows efforts to educate Australian women on their nutritional needs during and after pregnancy—and provide clear instructions regarding the correct and safe use of infant formula—are falling dangerously short.

Producing market-ready low-emissions fuel from food waste

Four major global and national challenges - clean energy, food wastage, competition for arable land, and energy security - are being addressed by a new solar-driven liquid-fuel production method set to power aircraft and agricultural vehicles.

Tracing food crops’ source through genetic analysis

State-of-the-art DNA tracking methods developed at the University of Adelaide are set to help fibre, food and plant oil producers and processors verify their products’ source of origin—and support authorities fighting fraud.

Uncovering how we choose our food

With countless factors – including many ethical – influencing modern-day Australians’ food choices, ongoing research into how and why we reach our decisions is providing invaluable intelligence for local food producers and policymakers.

Unlocking the secrets of complex carbs

Influencing far more than just our energy levels and waistlines, complex carbohydrates are one of the most important building blocks of existence—and we are a global leader in their investigation.

Smart research powers smart cities

The University of Adelaide’s Australian Smart Cities Consortium works with state and local government, industry and entrepreneurs, to improve the experiences of people living in our cities.

Nurturing the innovation generation

A new generation of University of Adelaide students are preparing to take our urban lives to entirely new levels of sophistication, satisfaction and sustainability.