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Develop effective solutions for significant problems arising in parallel and distributed systems, cloud computing, wireless sensor networks and big data centric applications. These problems include:

– Resource allocation
– Survivable network design
– Interconnection networks
– Path oriented network optimization
– Set-cover oriented network optimization
– Wireless data collection and group communication
– Network traffic analysis
– Stream data analysis and mining
– Data privacy protection
– Secure distributed computation
– Privacy-preserved data mining
– Attribute reduction for big data

Project Leader: Prof Hong Shen

ARC Discovery Grant: Protecting Sensitive Information

Professor Hong Shen has been awarded a prestigious ARC Discovery Project grant. The grant provides $340,300 over the next 3 years to support the following project: Protecting sensitive information in large network traffic flows while ensuring data usability for classification emerges as a critical problem of increasing significance. Existing techniques do not work on highly […]

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