Minerals & Energy Research: Outcomes with Impact

Institute for Mineral & Energy Resources Annual Report 2016

ore conveyor in open pit miningSustainable use and development of the world’s mineral and energy resources relies on challenge-based interdisciplinary research partners.  This is our strength.  Highlights of our innovative work over the last 12 months is featured in our latest publication, the IMER Annual Report 2016 available online now.  See case studies below where you can read about our innovative work.



8098518_IMER_Annual Report 2017_ICONS-Deep ResourcesDeep Resources
Increasing the strike rate for find resources deep under cover through the development of new technology.

8098518_IMER_Annual Report 2017_ICONS-Deep MiningDeep Mining
Shaping the future for South Australian copper by providing expert guidance for strategy development.

8098518_IMER_Annual Report 2017_ICONS-Complex ProcessingComplex Processing
Active in applying the new industrial paradigm of Integrated Mining Operations using the Internet of Things.

8098518_IMER_Annual Report 2017_ICONS-Tight Energy ResourcesTight Energy Resources
Providing tools to de-risk geothermal exploration ahead of drilling.

8098518_IMER_Annual Report 2017_ICONS-Low Cost, Low Emissions EnergyLow Cost, Low Emissions Energy
Working towards 24/7, off-grid power supply through innovative, hybrid-solar-gas technology.


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