Community BBQ 2016 & Awards

Certificates awarded to the following people:

  • Faculty Student of the Year – Madeline Love
  • Indigenous Mentor of the Year – Domenica Cassar, Michael Colbung & Philip Saj
  • Indigenous Success Ally – Lincoln College – Katrina Levesque, Alyson Emery & Hassan Mekawy
  • ITAS Student of the Year – Simona Marty, Kassidy Coulthard, Taryn Poole, Debra Brown
  • ITAS Tutor of the Year – Henrike Hoogenraad, Ingrid Sierp & Rosheen Brown
  • Postgraduate Student – Jenni Caruso
  • Rising Spirit – Nicholas Arundel, Sheyenne Von Senden & Ebony Warren
  • UPP Student of the Year – Conrad Blackman & Lorette Macumba
  • Wirltu Yarlu Staff Deadly Staff Member – Linda Wondunna-Foley, Lisa Helps, Daniel Turner, Carmel Jones, Sebastian Lowery, Lana Quall, Deb Bland & Vera Ah Chee
  • Young Academic Achiever – Nathan Hartmen

BBQ Event Image


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