Abortion laws ready for reform

The independent South Australian Law Reform Institute (SALRI) based at the University of Adelaide has been requested by the South Australian Attorney-General to examine changes to the State’s abortion laws.

“The South Australian Law Reform Institute welcomes the opportunity to undertake this most important reference, with a view to making abortion a regulated medical procedure under health law as opposed to a criminal law issue,” says the Director of the SA Law Reform Institute, the University of Adelaide’s Professor John Williams.

“The State’s existing abortion laws, which have not been updated for four decades, will be examined with a view to improving access and modernising the practice in South Australia.

“Abortion raises many sensitive and complex ethical, social, legal and medical issues. There are sincere and differing views in the community which we will consider when making our report.

“The South Australian Law Reform Institute will research and consult widely with the community, health providers and interested parties, especially those in regional South Australia, on present law and practice and the implications of any changes. On the basis of its research and consultation, the Institute will suggest potential models for reform.”

The views SALRI will collect as part of this consultation, along with legal and other research, will help identify potential options to clarify and improve present law and practice relating to abortion in South Australia.
A report with recommendations will be provided to the Attorney-General, the Hon Vickie Chapman MP for consideration.

Details on how to make a submission will be sent out by SALRI to the community and interested parties so that comments regarding this reference can be considered by SALRI.

Any initial suggestions may be directed to


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