The Journal European Urology has just published a summary of special meeting arranged by the Prostate Cancer Foundation (USA) where stakeholders and 18 opinion leaders in the field from across the globe were invited to discuss androgen receptor variants (ARVs) in prostate cancer.

Centre members, Dr Luke Selth and Professor Wayne Tilley from the Dame Roma Mitchell Cancer Research Laboratories were among the invited experts.  Luke and Wayne have led research, and continue to do so, that have contributed to new knowledge on the role that ARvs play in both prostate and breast cancer, and in particular advanced disease  This has been from grants from the US Department of Defense, the Ray and Shirl Norman Cancer Research Trust, and going forward Movember/National Breast Cancer Foundation and the National Health and Medical Research Council.

The meeting concluded that further research was certainly warranted on defining the role of ARvs in advanced disease but that blood-based tests are now available that detect particular ARvs that identify men who have poor outcomes to existing therapies that target the androgen receptor.  Because of therapy resistance, the meeting highlighted the importance of continuing the development of novel therapeutic agents that may better target disease where ARvs are active.



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IMG_2180The Centre congratulates Dr Luke Selth on receiving a 2017 Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences Executive Dean award for research excellence. This was presented to Luke by Professor Burt, Executive Dean of Medicine, at the Faculty’s end of year event.

Luke is Head of the Prostate Cancer Research Program in the Dame Roma Mitchell Cancer Research Laboratories (DRMCRL). Luke was the fourth Freemasons Foundation Centre for Men’s Health Research Fellow appointed in 2010. This appointment followed completion of his post-doctoral research placement in the UK and allowed him to return to his home town to further his career.

The Fellowship enabled Luke to establish his research program under the mentorship of Professor Wayne Tilley who remains Director of the DRMCRL. Luke went on to receive a Young Investigator Fellowship from the Prostate Cancer Foundation (USA), one of only a handful of researchers outside of the US to have received the award, and has since received a number of accolades for his molecular biology research, including the SA Tall Poppy Award. Luke is now a chief investigator on NHMRC and NBCF/Movember grants looking at developing the next generation of drugs to treat advanced prostate cancer and breast cancer, and he also leads a program examining the role of microRNAs as biomarkers to better personalise treatment.



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IMG_1908reduceCongratulations to the Centre’s three honours scholarship students who were all awarded first class honours.

Mr Simon Tyler (right in picture), supervised by Dr Sean Martin and Dr Phillip Tully, used data from the Florey Adelaide Male Ageing Study (FAMAS) to drill down on the associations between the two type of lower urinary tract symptoms (LUTS) (voiding LUTS and storage LUTS) and the two domains of depression (physical/or somatic depression and cognitive/or affective depression). He concluded that, given the prevalence of LUTS in men aged 35 or older and the associations across both types and domains of LUTS and depression, there are important opportunities for screening for both during men’s health consultations.

Ms Megan McIntosh is a Paddy O’Rourke Honours scholarship awardee. She was supervised by Dr Camille Short, and undertook a series of qualitative interviews with men on active surveillance for prostate cancer to inform support care services.  Receiving their PSA tests before their follow-up appointment were important to men to help manage uncertainty. Men were open to and accepting of physical activity prescription recognising the physical and psychological benefits. They felt that a group setting remains important for such given that current on-line support  is but not always sufficient.

Mr John Fouyaxis,  supervised by Dr Camille Short and Dr Niranjan Bidargaddi, analysed data from a digital APP (Reach Out website) that young people elect to download to support them during times of mental health distress. The APP relies on ecological momentary assessments, asking the user to respond to a prompt asking them to rate their mood and match this to other data that can be collected. John’s research drew on psychological theories to explain motivation and habit-forming behaviours that resulted in non-adherence to the APP which may then be incorporated into updates to enhance the utility of the program.

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Dr Roger Sexton AM (pictured left), Principal Patron and Chair of the Board of Patrons of the Freemasons Foundation Centre for Men’s Health welcomed more than 90 Centre members and guests to the Panorama Suite at the Adelaide Convention Centre on Nov 17 to formally celebrate the 10 year anniversary of the Centre and the […]

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More than 3 million dollars has been awarded in grants and Fellowships to Centre Members and their collaborators since November in an end of year funding boost for men’s health research.  We thank the Royal Adelaide Hospital, the National Health and Medical Research Council, the Cancer Council of South Australia, the Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia, […]

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Across the Tasman, The New Zealand Centre for Men’s Health was officially launched at its inaugural conference (“Meeting the Challenges”) on November 21 in Dunedin at the University of Otaga.  Professor Wittert (pictured) was honoured to be present for the launch, as a guest speaker. The New Zealand Centre for Men’s Health’s Director, Professor David Baxter, aspires […]

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On November 15, our young Centre members and Mr Robert Clyne OAM, Executive Director of the Freemasons Foundation, had the honour of attending a Patronage Garden Reception held at the Government House by His Excellency the Honourable Hieu Van Le AC, Governor of SA and his wife Mrs Lan Le. The work of the Centre, […]

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Please join us for the January Men’s Health Lunchtime Research Seminar. FFCMH Speakers Dr Jean Winter Post-doctoral Researcher (Dame Roma Mitchell Cancer Research Laboratories) Presentation: Hereditary modifiers of aggressive prostate cancer. Research performed at the National Institutes of Health in the USA. Ms Kate Richards (pictured) University of Adelaide Medical Student (Summer Vacation Research Student, Dame Roma […]

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The Centre welcomes Dr Melissa Opozda. Melissa is a Post-doctoral Researcher who joins the men’s health clinical and population health research team on L7 SAHMRI. Melissa is undertaking a program of research with the Centre of Research Excellence in Prostate Cancer Survivorship (CRE-PCS). Melissa is a health psychologist in part-time clinical practice and recently completed […]

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Please join us for the last Men’s Health Research lunch-time seminar for 2017. Speaker:  Mr Simon Tyler (1st class Honours graduate) Title:  Lower Urinary Tract Symptoms (LUTS) as a predictor of male depression and the moderating role of masculinity Marg McGee will also give a quick overview of the RedCap software now set up for the Centre […]

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