The exam period is almost over, and results loom!Results2

You can find your final course results online by

  • logging in to Access Adelaide
  • clicking “Students”
  • clicking “Academic Results”

If your result is not available by the published dates, please make sure you contact your School or Faculty for advice.

Good luck, and remember that the summer break is right around the corner!


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On November 15, 2017, the results of the Australian Marriage Equality Survey will be released on the Australian Bureau of Statistics’ website.

While an email has been sent to all students regarding this, we are aware that this may impact you and would like to reiterate that there are support services available.

If you do want to seek support the University offers a range of services, including;

Again, take care of yourselves!!


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Main exams are almost over! But for some, there’s still replacement and additional assessment (R/AA) exams to come.


You can check the time and location of any additional exams that you have been granted on Access Adelaide;

  • Login to Access Adelaide
  • Click “Students” -> “Exam Times”
  • And click Green_Viewnext to the relevant Semester.

The dates and times of R/AA exams may not appear on your Access Adelaide account until after the initial exam results are released.

Results for the main exams are scheduled for release by close of business Thursday, November 30

Results for the R/AA exams are scheduled for release by close of business Friday, December 22

You can check out the Examinations website for any more information, but please also remember to take good care of yourselves.
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As exams approach, please make sure you take care of yourself! Walking around the hub, you can almost feel the stress hanging low in the air. It’s not hard to see how much strain everyone is under – chip packets and energy drink cans abound, students sleep at their tables, and tensions are definitely high. […]

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Were you a student at Adelaide in 2016 or earlier? If you remember Blackboard, then please note that access to it (and any course materials on there) closes on 15 December. Please log into Blackboard soon to retrieve any content you want to keep. Don’t know how to download content? Find out how here! (PDF)

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This month’s free public lecture is about smart cities – and how Adelaide could be one of them! Here, you can listen to four different key speakers about the concept of a Smart City and what this means for Adelaide residents in the future. Where: The Braggs Lecture Theatre, The University of Adelaide (North Terrace) […]

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Forgetful students, rejoice! If you set your password after 1 November 2017, it will not expire. Please note – the password that you already have set on your account will still expire 360 days after it was set. From this point forward, though, your password won’t expire! Feel free to set a new password as […]

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With Exams, Swot Week and last-minute cramming, it’s hard to keep track of the important exam information. Luckily, you can find the basic info here, but for more details please check out the Examinations website. What can I bring to my exams? You MUST BRING to each examination Your current Student ID or other photo […]

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Have a bike? Ecoversity is engraving bikes today for FREE! When: 9am to 12pm Where: Hub Western Forecourt (near the wooden steps on the Art Gallery side of the Hub)  

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Interested in what ECMS students work on all year? Then look no further – Ingenuity 2017 is here! Ingenuity is a public expo where Engineering, Maths and Computer Sciences (ECMS) students can showcase and celebrate original work!  It’s also a great opportunity for students to professionally present their work to a range of specialist and non-specialist […]

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