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Hell, or Forgetting Your Headphones When Riding the Bus

You’ve made it out of bed (well done!), showered (even better!), eaten something (it’s called a balanced and healthy diet—look it up), and made it out the door with enough time so that you don’t have to run to the bus stop. You’ve got your house keys, wallet, bus ticket, and sunglasses (fashion). You reach […]

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I had to wait twenty minutes for my bus this morning. I was sitting there with nothing really to do. I didn’t want to scroll through my phone, and I didn’t have anything to plan out. So, I just sat there and waited. It can be strange to have nothing to be doing, especially when […]

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Just Adelaide Metro Things

My friend messages me because she’s going to be late to our 9am class. Her bus is late—a real rarity for Adelaide Metro!—and when it finally arrives, she boards and discovers her metroCARD is out of credit. There’s no way to top up your credit when you’re on a bus, and if you don’t have enough loose change […]

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