Masters/Phd Research Project: HMI Architecture

The DIG group is looking for a research masters or PhD applicant for a new collaborative project with DSTO in the area of architecting human-machine interface designs. If you have an interest in HMI, human factors, software architecture or performance modelling then this project may be of interest to you.

The project will be looking at how we can support rapid HMI development – the problem to be solved involves the need to observe the usefulness of a HMI before the full system is completed, and full data to be visualised in the HMI is available. This project will explore the development of appropriate architectures and HMI development frameworks to support the rapid development of a HMI prototype system which can then be integrated with simulation and/or performance modelling information available from the system execution modelling environment. Some of the interesting issues to be addressed in this project may include:

  • The development of a generic HMI component model, identifying what common kinds of HMI components are necessary within the defence domain and how these should be modelled.
  • Appropriate software architectures for integrating prototype HMI systems with a distributed system execution modelling environment.
  • Appropriate software architectures for integrating simulation output, including the development of appropriate modelling languages, and the use of existing standards.
  • Human factors assessment models.

A suitable applicant will have an interest in one of the areas of human factors, performance modelling, and/or software architecture – the exact direction of the project will evolve to suit the applicant.

If you are interested in pursuing a research degree, either Masters or PhD, in software architecture, software engineering, distributed systems or DRE systems, please contact us to discuss possible positions within the DIG group.


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