Special issue on “Big Data Analytics and the Web, IEEE Transactions on Big Data (TBD)”

Last few years have seen the rapid increase of sheer amount of data produced and communicated over the Web. Such Big Data are generated from all kinds of sources and applications such as social network services, cloud services, knowledge bases, and intelligent terminals, and often in a wide variety of formats such as unstructured, semi-structured, and structured. A particular recent trend around the Web is to connect and communicate between billions of physical objects (also called “Things”), i.e., Web of Things (WoT). WoT offers the capability of integrating both physical and virtual worlds and massive volumes of real-time data are expected to be produced by these connected things and their associated sensors. Thus, A/Prof. Michael Sheng and his colleagues are organising a special issue that aims at presenting the latest developments, trends, and research solutions of Big Data analytics on the Web. The detailed Call for Paper can be accessed here.

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