Yuval Yarom to deliver a keynote talk at PROOFS 2016

Yuval Yarom has been invited to present a keynote talk at PROOFS 2016. PROOFS is a security workshop focusing on Security Proofs for Embedded Systems.

Title: Thwarting cache-based side-channel attacks

Abstract: Cache-based side-channel attacks leak sensitive information through a shared cache. The attacker exploits contention on the cache to trace the victim’s access to memory. These traces leak information on the data the victim processes, and have been used to recover the keys of various cryptographic primitives, including AES, RSA, ElGamal, DSA and ECDSA. Cache-based attacks have proven effective in bypassing the boundaries between sandboxes, processes, containers and virtual-machines. With the shift to cloud environments, countermeasures for cache-based attack are more important than ever. In this presentation we will explore cache-based side-channel attacks. We will analyse the causes of leaks and will look at countermeasures at both the software and the operating system levels.

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