On Safari

In November, myself, along with Gary Hancock and Diana Lucic led a group of students to South Africa on ECIC’s “Entrepreneurship Experience Study Tour”. We visited Johannesburg, the apartheid museum, Soweto including the Kliptown Youth Program, and the Kruger National Park as part of the tour, and students were really taken outside their comfort zone to learn about team work, entrepreneurship, (in particular necessity entrepreneurship) and innovation.

The favourite activity on the tour (as voted by students and staff) was the visit to the Kliptown Youth Program. We were greeted and then surrounded by over 100 youth singing to the beat of drums. It was an emotional experience ending with most students (and Diana) in tears. Kruger National Park did not fail to impress as most of the big five (elephant, rhino, buffalo, and lion) were spotted at some stage along with many more animals. We had a great group of students who all bonded well together and with the team.

Professor Noel Lindsay


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