Faculty of the Professions: Project Management European study tour

This July, 16 students stepped out of their classroom and into some of top universities and organisations across Europe to focus on new insights in Project Management linked with the latest trends in production technology and engineering. The Study Tour program gave them the opportunity to witness firsthand project management in action at mega factories such as BMW, Porsche, and Mercedes Benz. They were also privileged to attend lectures at prestigious universities across Germany, France, Switzerland and Austria.

The Study Tour is always a popular elective option for both undergraduate and postgraduate students who are keen to internationalise their education experience. Students on this program undertook a number of lectures and produced assignments both during and after their travels. Lectures took place at five universities across the four countries, including Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Strasbourg University, ETH Zurich, Technical University of Munich, and Technical University of Vienna. Students came from a number of disciplines, including Project Management, Entrepreneurship and Innovation, Commerce, Law and Engineering.

But it’s not just about project management skills. For some students, this was their first time outside of Australia, or the first time travelling without family. Study Tour coordinator, Antonette Severino, says this group learned a lot about themselves and the wider world. They came to realise that there were a whole range of options available to them after they’ve gained their degree. Antonette says, ‘It certainly made students think about intern options, living and working overseas, and future avenues for further study’.

And it’s not all serious. There was ample opportunity to visit places like Allianz Arena, and the Jungfraujoch in Switzerland where some students saw snow for the first time. Students also had the opportunity to mix with local students, and experience some of the local culture and cuisine. Feedback indicated that the Study Tour was an incredible opportunity and experience, and students appreciated the value and complexity it added to their personal and professional lives.

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