Happy new year from the MyUni Support Team!

As we welcome everyone back from holidays we would like to remind you about the help available for setting up your MyUni Course.

If you require courses to be merged, this will need to be completed prior to any course set up. This process is managed in the student information system (PeopleSoft), please contact the relevant email below outlining your course merge requirements.

Faculty Email
Faculty of Arts
Faculty of ECMS
Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences
Faculty of Professions
Faculty of Sciences
Pre Enrolment English Program (PEP)
Professional & Continuing Education
Wirltu Yarlu


If you would like to use content from a previous course, help material is located in the MyUni Learning Centre.

Not sure what to do next? We’re here to help!

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This year, make a plan to use learning analytics in MyUni right from the beginning! Learning analytics gives insight into the specific learning and teaching behaviours associated with the most favourable learning outcomes. Embedding actionable learning analytics into the curriculum design enables real-time, evidence-based decision-making for both students and teachers. Evidence-based decision-making enables modification of […]

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“instructional videos are very unlikely to be harmful to a student’s learning and may have other benefits that the study has been unable to quantify such as flexibility and independence of learning (any time or place with an internet connection), the ability to be repeated instantly and the consistency of delivery that could aid the […]

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By Kym Schutz and John Murphy (Learning Enhancement & Innovation)  Online and blended learning environments have the potential to offer students opportunities to develop and consolidate their mathematical  skills and knowledge through low stakes formative practice. Course coordinator of a Second year Mechanical Engineering course Dr. Lei Chen, wanted to explore whether it was possible […]

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  Academics have been asking for ways to securely manage question banks to use for tests and exams. A number of supported tools can make it easier to create, review and organise your questions, including the option to share question banks on the faculty S Drive. Using Respondus 4 and Word with Canvas Quizzes it […]

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In Term 4 of 2018, the Online Learning course in the School of Education apportioned 30% of the final mark to participation in MyUni discussion boards. The rationale behind this was outlined in the course modules. “Collaborative Learning is based on the idea that learning occurs as the result of interaction between members of a […]

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Design thinking starts with the idea of understanding people. According to *Donald A. Norman in his book Living with Complexity “We must design for the way people behave, not for how we would wish them to behave”. In an education context an understanding of how learners behave is crucial to the process of designing for […]

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At times in the depths of course content delivery students can feel like they’re drowning in an ocean of information overload. So how do we throw a lifeline to these students? One way might be to include consolidation interactives into your course. There are a wide range of interactives available that can help confirm understanding […]

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When designing interactive online learning activities, academics will often create and design the activity using a photo, audio, text and a couple of buttons or hot spot objects using PowerPoint or some authoring software. When planning more advanced interactive online learning activities, academics may need other people to be involved in the design and development. […]

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By Rebecca Batelaan and Thomas Crichton The Learning Enhancement and Innovation team runs Program Enhancement Partnership (PEP) workshops with Program Coordinators, Course Coordinators, Learning Designers, and Research Librarians to design, map, and constructively align the curriculums of programs and courses. These workshops are based on a method devised by Professor Gilly Salmon, which follows a […]

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