About Us

Welcome to The Learning Cog; the blog from the Learning Enhancement and Innovation unit. Our blog is a one-stop shop for everything learning and teaching related. As we are strongly focused on collaboration, we want to share our knowledge and expertise. We also want to learn and evolve by tackling learning and teaching challenges with Academics, Professional Staff and Students.

Why ‘The Learning Cog’?
Our blog is called The Learning Cog as this encompasses who we are, what we do and where we are located.

A cog is small but essential to the smooth and seamless operation of a machine. This is how we see ourselves as a small but crucial part in the learning and teaching process at The University of Adelaide. Alongside Academics, we play a support role in creating the best learning outcomes for University of Adelaide students, thus holding up our brand promise of building better graduates.

The Cog, located on level 7 of the Kenneth Wills building is our open plan collaborative space. We welcome Academics, Students and Professional Staff to collaborate with us.