Student Economics Conference

Student Economics Conference

On May 22nd, the Faculty of the Professions hosted the Student Economics Conference for year 12 high-school students from selected secondary schools across the state.

Held in conjunction with the Asian Education Foundation and the Economics Teacher’s Society, the conference encouraged students to continue with their Economics studies, and gave them a broad understanding of just how broad Economics really is, and the various career paths to which it can lead. The theme for the conference and key topic of discussion was the increasing role and influence Asia plays in our world. One hundred and forty one students from more than ten different schools attended the conference, held at North Terrace campus, where they were able to have a taste of life at university through interaction with current students. The conference was opened with an enriching presentation from Professor Christopher Findlay, where he discussed China’s deepening economic relationship with Australia. This was then followed by a two-hour session of workshops where students discussed economic issues specifically formulated around the guest presentations they had heard earlier in the day.

The conference was a great success, helping guide our leaders of tomorrow, and open their eyes to the numerous, diverse and exciting opportunities to which studying Economics can lead.

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