Free Public Lecture: Why share houses are always dirty – The behavioural economics of cooperation

Humans encounter social dilemmas in all areas of life.  From the group perspective, if everybody pitches in we’re all better off, so cooperation is desirable.  But from the individuals’ perspective pitching in is not rational, as it detracts from their ability to pursue their own self-interest.

Discussing some of the most influential research in the field, this fascinating presentation will reveal what makes people willingly cooperate, even in situations where economic theory predicts they should not.

The Presenter:

Associate Professor Ralph C Bayer is Deputy Head of the University of Adelaide School of Economics, and Founder-Director of ADLAB, the Adelaide Laboratory for Experimental Economics.

When:          Tuesday 11 March 5:30pm – 6:30pm

Where:        North Terrace Campus, Braggs Lecture Theatre

Bookings:   Call 8313 1776 or register online:

Podcast:     Available from Friday 13 March via the website above

View: Flyer (PDF)

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