Economics Prize winners celebrate their awards

The School of Economics 2013 Prize Award Ceremony for our top-performing students was held in the GC Harcourt room on Thursday 27th March, 2014. Eight prizes were awarded to students with donors, friends and family attending to congratulate our 2013 Prize Winners.


The photo on the left shows Assoc. Prof. Mandar Oak (Head of School) with prize winner Hester Green and Guest Presenter Jerry Adams.

The photo on the right shows Assoc. Prof. Mandar Oak (Head of School) with prize winner Eugene Braslavski and the representative for the Economic Society (SA) Jonathan Pincus.

Our Guest Presenter this year was Jerry Adams who is a charismatic speaker and had the audience chucking at his anecdotes.  Jerry is a professional company director and some of his directorships include: Chairman, Berger Paints Bangladesh Ltd Chairman, Bolix SA; the University of Adelaide Business School Advisory Board; the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, SA.  He has served as the interim Dean of the University of Adelaide Business School and the interim CEO of the RSPCA SA.

It was great to see the students and their families mingling with our guests and hopefully getting some insight into what their future paths may be.

Congratulations to all of our prize winning students on their outstanding achievements in Economics!


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