Professor John Siegfried presents the 2018 Harcourt Lecture

The School of Economics was proud to present the 2018 Harcourt lecture presented by John Siegfried on Thursday 18 October, 2018.

The Harcourt Professorship was established by generous gifts in memory of the 25 years of infectious enthusiasm and distinguished scholarship which Geoff Harcourt gave to the School of Economics.  Each year, the endowment invites a global leader in economics to share their knowledge and experience not only with economic students and staff but also the broader community.

This year our Geoffrey Harcourt Visiting Professor is John Siegfried, Emeritus Professor, Vanderbuilt University.

John was a senior economist at both the US Federal Trade Commission and the US President’s Council of Economic Advisers. In 2012 he retired after 16 years of service as Secretary-Treasurer (Executive Director) of the American Economic Association. He first came to Australia as a Visiting Professor at the University of Adelaide in 1986, returned in 1991-92, and since then has made annual short-term visits.

As part of his visiting professorship, Professor Siegfried delivered the 2018 Harcourt Lecture to a full house on “Better Living through Economics?”  Follow this link to view the video.

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