Grant Success – ARC Discovery Project Commencing 2015

In the last Commonwealth ARC grant rounds, Public Law and Policy Research Unit Member, Professor Amanda Nettelbeck from the School of Humanities was awarded $500,137 funding to undertake a project investigating the violent implementation of colonial rule across the Anglophone Pacific Rim. The Chief Investigators on the project are Professor Lyndall Ryan, Professor Amanda Nettelbeck, Associate Professor Anna Johnston, Associate Professor Penelope Edmonds, Associate Professor Victoria Haskins and Dr Angela Wanhalla. The grant will be run out of the University of Newcastle.

Summary Description of Project:

Violence and intimacy were both fundamental to the formation of settler colonial societies, yet we know surprisingly little of how they were connected. Through a large-scale collaboration of leading scholars, this project aims to produce the first transnational analysis of intimacy and violence as key, intertwined vectors in the development of settler societies across the colonial Anglophone Pacific Rim. Drawing out connections between the broad-scale dynamics of colonial rule and the violent and intimate domains of its implementation on the ground, the project aims to generate new comparative insights into the development of colonial settler cultures and create enhanced understanding of their legacies for western settler democracies today.

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