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CSER MOOC titleThe CSER Digital Technologies MOOCs (Massively Open Online Courses) are free online courses, designed to support Australian teachers with implementing the Australian Curriculum: Digital Technologies.

These are free online courses that provide teachers with background knowledge about concepts and topics in the curriculum, as well as practical examples that can be tried in the classroom. We bring together existing resources, our own developed resources as well as existing teacher ideas.

We have taken a community-based approach, where MOOC tasks are linked to a Google+ Community where teachers share ideas. This has resulted in a sustainable community full of resources and ideas built by you – the educators! It’s a great place to also network with others across Australia and share experiences together.

Our course are available at: 

What courses are available?

F-6 Fundamentals: This course is designed to introduce the fundamental concepts of the Australian curriculum – starting with Algorithms and Data Representation and moving toward an introduction to Visual Programming. No prior knowledge necessary. Perfect for all teachers of all year levels – to understand where students are starting from. We introduce activities and examples that relate to familiar classroom activities. (Available)

Years 7-8 Next Steps: This course addresses the content descriptors for Years 7 & 8, although could be adapted by teachers to suit other year levels. In this course we take a project-based approach to implementing classroom projects. We have designed the course around a series of themes, where you get to choose a pathway based on your interest/needs. These include: Makerspaces, Game Creation, Data and Visualisation, Making Apps and Robotics. (Available)

F-6 Advanced: This course extends on the first F-6 Fundamentals, where we first touched on “visual programming”. In this course we focus on how programming can be integrated into other subject areas, such as English, Science and Mathematics- where students become creators! The perfect way to introduce meaningful coding projects. (Coming soon)

Years 9 & 10: TBA.

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When is the course available?

The CSER Digital Technologies MOOCs run iteratively throughout the year. We have offerings that are open for 3-month periods, in which you can work through the course at your own pace. At the end of the three months, if you have completed, you can request a Certificate of Completion.

We will always leave the course materials and community, open and available for educators to access, even when a course offering is not technically running. You can choose to commence the course with a “cohort” (dates below), or if the course is open, proceed and make your way through the course. If the course is temporarily closed (short periods), this means we are just checking that materials are up-to-date and we will re-release the course on the next offering period. If you are mid-way through the course, just continue from where you last were when the course re-opens. If you need immediate access to materials for your school, please email

Please note that we have currently closed off new registrations from June 1st, as we are currently working on our exciting new CSER Digital Technologies MOOC expansion developments. This expansion has been supported by the Australian Department of Education and Training. If you would like to be notified about when the new website and courses are to be released, please complete our online form and we will send you an email.

Release dates for the following courses are:

  • F-6 MOOC: Cohort dates (if you’d like to go through with others) are14th December 2015 – 31st March 2016; 1st May – 31st August 2016; 1st October 2016 – 31st January 2017. Otherwise, self-paced – commence and complete any time.
  • F-6 Advanced MOOC: TBA release for 2016.
  • Years 7 & 8 MOOC: Currently self-paced: commence and complete any time.

Please check-in regularly for future dates as this page will be updated with news and announcements. If you have a a group of educators within your school or organisation who would like to participate in one of our courses together at a time that does not coincide with these dates, please email as we are flexible in negotiating start and completion dates to ensure your school has the timely support it requires to implement the new curriculum.

You can request a Certificate of Completion

If you have completed the course tasks, you can request to receive a Certificate to demonstrate your professional learning, linked to the AITSL Standards. To request a certificate, please read through the course information (usually) in the last unit of the course you have completed. This will contain information for how you can request a certificate and an online form, where you can enter in your details. Upon the designated offering’s closing date, we will begin to review all participation and final assignments and we will return to you a certificate of completion within 2 weeks. If you require a Certificate urgently or have any questions, please email

Are you a school leader?

We highly recommend taking our course materials and using them to support your school and community professional learning sessions! All CSER materials are protected under a Creative Commons Share-Alike-Attribution License (Note: please check copyright for other recommended resources). We have heard positive feedback from leaders who take bits and pieces and run workshop sessions or from school groups who work through the course together.

What MOOC participants are saying

Contact Us

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at

These MOOCs have been made possible with the support of the School of Computer Science at the University of Adelaide, Google Australia and Digital Careers.



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AdelaideX MOOC: Think. Create. Code. (Code101x)


Although not specifically for teachers, we have also created a free online course via the edX platform that teaches the fundamentals of Computational Thinking and how to code through the creation of digital artwork and animations. You will build your own online gallery and learn from others. This course uses ProcessingJS and is suitable for beginners. Some teachers have undertaken this course to help them when thinking about introducing general-purpose programming into the classroom with older students.

Teacher MOOC Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

“Since the course re-opened, my progress has gone!” | “I started the course on the last offering… do I need to do tasks again?”

We want to see Australian teachers succeed and make this process as flexible for you as possible. We measure your participation in the course by your contributions to the Google+ Community and your final assignment (not the blue dots on the course content). If you have submitted all the required tasks to the Google+ community and have completed your final assignment, then you will be able to request a Certificate of Completion. If you didn’t quite finish the course last time (even if you had to re-register), just continue from where you left off.

I haven’t received my certificate of completion yet!

This is not an automated certificate, so you will need to complete an online form to let us know that you would like a certificate. To request a certificate, please read through the course information (usually) in the last unit of the course you have completed. This will contain information for how you can request a certificate and an online form, where you can enter in your details. Please note, you will not receive an email confirming your Google Form submission. The certificates will be prepared shortly after the request for certificate due date (the closing date – 3 months after the opening of the course) and returned within 2 weeks. This gives us time to review your community contributions and a dedicated time for each course.