The Computer Science Education Research Group (CSER), based at the University of Adelaide in the School of Computer Science, aims to promote research and scholarship both within the field of Computer Science Education and more broadly in the Higher Education sector. The goal of CSER is to understand how we can improve the teaching and learning of computing, and how contemporary issues in higher education, such as the use of new technologies, can impact upon the teaching and learning environment.

Recent research within the group includes research into collaborative learning strategies, specifically collaborative learning within large first year classes, assessment requirements, and the specific skills required by teaching staff involved in collaborative learning activities; communication skill development within discipline contexts; and the use of rigorous data analysis to improve teaching design and improve the student learning experience.

The CSER Group is always looking for good students to join our group, from Honours level through to PhD. If you are interested in studying with us, please review the project areas published on this site, and contact  A/Prof Katrina Falkner for more information.

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