Research Tuesdays

Research Tuesdays is a public lecture series designed to share the breadth and depth of the University of Adelaide’s research with the community.

The seminar series demonstrates how knowledge uncovered through research at the University continues to influence public discussion, debate and policy formation, and how research outcomes affect people locally and globally.

2015 Upcoming Seminars

Date Title/Speaker  
11 Aug Light Technology and Defence
Presented by Andre Luiten and DSTO
25 Aug Inaugural Lecture
Presented by Bronwyn Gillanders
8 Sep 3MT Final
Presented by 3MT Finalists
22 Sep Inaugural Lecture
Presented by Amanda Nettelbeck
13 Oct Cancer research
Presented by Professor Deborah White
10 Nov Water forum: water systems and water economics/security
Presented by Dr Seth Westra, Professor Mike Young
8 Dec Particle physics
Presented by Dr Paul Jackson

2015 Past Seminars

Date Title/Speaker  
14 Jul Hip-hop saved my life
Presented by Suzi Hutchings
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10 Feb Far from the Car
Presented by Associate Professor John Spoehr
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10 Mar Treat, trial, transform
Presented by Professor Ben Mol

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24 Mar The naked Pure Mathematician
Presented by Professor Finnur Larusson
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14 Apr Gallipoli Revisited
Presented by Professor Sandy McFarlane, Robin Prior, Alexia Moncrieff
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28 Apr

The Pathology of Gluttony - Inaugural Lecture
Presented by Professor Alastair Burt

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12 May Stem Cell forum
Presented by Professor Andrew Zannettino, Professor Stan Gronthos
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26 May Reducing earthquake risk - Inaugural Lecture
Presented by Professor Sandy Steacy

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9 Jun Smoke in the barrel
Presented by Assoc Professor Kerry Wilkinson
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