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Beating Childhood Diabetes

With huge medical advances being made over the last 30 years, how is it that the rate of type 1 diabetes—like many other childhood diseases—has dramatically increased? Our modern environment holds the key. Researchers at The University of Adelaide have been investigating how exposure to modifiable influences early in life, even in utero, can influence diabetes development. […]

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Ice Storm

Although the societal impact of all addictive substances is of real concern, the methamphetamine known as ‘Ice’ arguably strikes more fear into contemporary Australians than any other. Highly addictive, Ice has been shown to trigger aggressive behaviour, paranoia and occasionally psychosis. There are also currently no effective pharmacotherapies to help addicts manage its use, leaving […]

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Heart Breaks

If you thought breast cancer was the biggest killer of women in Australia, think again. Heart disease kills three times more, taking a life every hour. Progress, however, is being made. Researchers at the University of Adelaide are breaking new ground, and in this special Research Tuesdays forum—presented in conjunction with the Heart Foundation—you’ll hear […]

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Sugar & Splice

Those whose only knowledge of carbohydrates, or sugars, has been gleaned from popular media could be forgiven for thinking they’re akin to dietary criminals, increasing our risk of weight-gain, heart disease and diabetes. But their appearance in foods is just one aspect of their broader—and vital—role in our world. This is particularly so for complex […]

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Pregnancy Protection

Pregnancy can be a confusing time for soon-to-be parents, raising many questions about how to ensure their baby’s health. While the benefits of infant immunisations are generally well accepted, they don’t commence until the child reaches six weeks, making their lives up until then a genuine ‘danger zone’. Immunisation during pregnancy offers another way to […]

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Gene reading

Using genomics to personalise cancer therapy: dispelling the myths, highlighting the successes and envisioning the future. For several years, the potential of using genomics to personalise cancer treatment has brought renewed hope to millions all over the world. Yet, as with many complex medical issues, the broad public discussion hasn’t always dealt entirely with the […]

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