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Beating Childhood Diabetes

With huge medical advances being made over the last 30 years, how is it that the rate of type 1 diabetes—like many other childhood diseases—has dramatically increased? Our modern environment holds the key. Researchers at The University of Adelaide have been investigating how exposure to modifiable influences early in life, even in utero, can influence diabetes development. […]

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Sugar & Splice

Those whose only knowledge of carbohydrates, or sugars, has been gleaned from popular media could be forgiven for thinking they’re akin to dietary criminals, increasing our risk of weight-gain, heart disease and diabetes. But their appearance in foods is just one aspect of their broader—and vital—role in our world. This is particularly so for complex […]

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The Pathology of Gluttony

Inaugural Lecture Mention “cirrhosis” and it typically conjurs an immediate association with excessive alcohol consumption. But although this connection is well established, it’s not the end of the story. The full spectrum of so-called “fatty liver diseases” that interfere with the liver’s normal metabolism of fat and lead to cirrhosis, are also increasingly recognised as […]

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Conquering the Great Wall

How research into plant cell walls in improving our health and boosting production of biofuels

Presented by: Prof Geoff Fincher
When: Tues 9th August, 5.30-6.30pm
Where: North Terrace Campus, Horace Lamb Lecture Theatre

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Battling the Bugs

What’s working and what could be done better to control childhood infectious disease
Presented by: A/Prof. Helen Marshall

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