About Us

ACVT Director-Prof Anton van den Hengel

The Australian Centre for Visual Technologies (ACVT) is a University of Adelaide Research Centre focusing on innovation and education in the application of advanced technologies to Computer Vision, Machine Learning, Graphics and Visualisation.

ACVT has approximately 40 research staff and is growing. It has research collaborations with leading domestic and international research groups from around the world. In both pure and applied research, the strategic focus of ACVT is on impact. This means tackling problems that are significant, current and susceptible to solving using the ACVT skill set. In pure research, ACVT competes to solve the research problems being pursued by leading groups worldwide. In applied research, ACVT develops state of the art techniques to provide innovative solutions for customers with real world problems.


ACVT is committed to high impact research and the transfer of knowledge and technology to end users. ACVT employs high quality research staff and has state-of-the-art computer facilities and infrastructure. It conducts world-class pure and applied research in the areas detailed in the Research Themes.The research carried out at the ACVT varies from the pure (blue sky) to the commercial. Much of the commercial research cannot be disclosed, but some of the higher profile publicly released projects are described here.

The ACVT has 6 major research themes. These are:

Research Excellence

ACVT has a long history of high impact fundamental research and the delivery of applied research solutions to industry. In the 2012 Excellence in Research Australia (ERA) initiative, ACVT was awarded a 5 rating, the highest possible ranking and defined by the ARC as “outstanding performance well above world standard”.

The Australian Research Council (ARC) funds much of the pure research conducted at the Centre. ACVT has over 15 current and recent Discovery, Linkage, LIEF and DECRA grants.

ACVT has a strong focus on producing high quality conference and journal publications. ACVT researchers regularly win Best Paper awards at leading international conferences. Key conferences and journals include: SIGGRAPH, PAMI, IJCV, NIPS, ICCV, and CVPR.

You can also view some of our work on the ACVT youtube channel.