ACVT is committed to ensuring that the outcomes of the research it conducts are transferred to industry and the broader community.

ACVT has 8 recent patents, all of which have been commercialised. It also has a strong track record in licensing technology in diverse industry sectors. More information on how to interact with the ACVT can be found in the Doing Business with ACVT area of the website.

Two start-up companies have been created from ACVT in the last 3 years:


PunchCard was established to commercialise the VideoTrace 3D modelling technology developed by ACVT. VideoTrace enables users to create 3D models from a set of still images or a sequence of video frames.

Video sequence demonstrating the VideoTrace modelling process.

By allowing ordinary users to create 3D models simply and accurately, VideoTrace represents a step towards bringing the user-created content revolution to 3D virtual environments.  By enabling non-specialist users to generate 3D models we allow architects to visualise their designs in situ, city planners to develop virtual streets, engineers to re-model objects for which no plans exist, and educators to create realistic 3D virtual learning environments.

VideoTrace currently has over 7,000 users in a Beta test phase and has been the winner of Winner of iAward and Tech 23 awards.

Visit the Punchcard website for more details.

Snap Surveillance

Snap Network Surveillance was formed to commercialise the video surveillance technology developed by ACVT. The Snap technology automatically detects the relationships between a large set of surveillance cameras and facilitates the tracking of targets through that network without relying on characterising the appearance of targets. This enables video captured by large networks of cameras to be utilised far more effectively for both live and forensic purposes than is currently possible.

SNAP-A major innovation in Video Surveillance.

A key feature of the Snap technology is that it scales to networks of 10,000+ cameras and can be integrated with many other sensors.

Visit the Snap website for more details.