Doing Business With ACVT

Building upon Intellectual Property developed from fundamental research, ACVT provides applied solutions for customers across a broad range of industry and government sectors including:

  • Defence and Security
  • Biomedical
  • Mining
  • Agriculture
  • Environmental
  • Advanced Manufacturing
  • Sports Science
  • Transport
  • Media & Entertainment
  • ICT

The Centre operates a flexible business model and can accommodate a wide variety of engagements with research and industry partners. These range from collaborative grants providing industry partners with excellent financial leverage, to direct contract research for specific solutions to customers needs.

ACVT works with many research and industry partners and further details can be found on our Partnerships page.

Contract Research & Consultancy

ACVT has considerable capability and expertise which can be applied to undertake research and development for industry and government partners on a contract basis. The services provided by ACVT range from applying expert capability for short studies and investigations, to the development of complex Intellectual Property for commercialisation and product development.

Collaborative Research

ACVT has a strong track record of R&D performed under a range of industry linkage grants. Work conducted by the Centre can provide financial leverage for industry partners through co-contribution of funding and by access to R&D Tax Credits for eligible partners. Both fundamental and applied research are undertaken at the Centre and ACVT personnel are happy to develop proposals to suit the individual needs of customers.

Technology Commercialisation

The Centre actively seeks partners to facilitate commercialisation of Intellectual Property and technology created within ACVT. ACVT adopts a flexible approach and uses a range of commercial models. ACVT patents have been commercialised and have formed the basis for several world leading products in several industry sectors, including bio-medical, defence & security, media and IT.

Two start-up companies have been created to commercialise ACVT IP in the areas of 3D Content-Creation and Large-Scale Video Surveillance. For more details, see our commercialisation pages.

PhD Scholarships

ACVT believes in developing strong relationships between industry and the research undertaken at the Centre. Industry sponsored scholarships provide an excellent means of accessing highly skilled individuals to undertake targeted research. We are also interested in having experienced industry people co-supervise PhD students.

Industry Projects

A key goal of the Centre is to provide industry with graduates who are not only well qualified, but also who have experienced working in industry. A range of industry project opportunities are available at several levels. This enables industry partners to have graduates in their workplaces to undertake specific projects on their behalf, on a cost–effective basis.

Workshops & Conferences

The Centre is an active participant in the international conference circuit. ACVT and the School of Computer Science have recently hosted the International Workshop on Parameter Estimation for Computer Vision Problems, which brings together leading researchers in the area for a concentrated period of interaction at all levels annually. Researchers from the Centre publish widely in the very best journals and conference proceedings such as  SIGGRAPH, CVPR, ICCV, PAMI etc.