On 6 October  2017 the EU Centre for Global Affairs in collaboration with the Centre for Global Food and Resources held a public seminar “The Australia/EU FTA: Agribusiness Opportunities and Challenges” as part of the official programme for the EU Economic and Commercial Counsellors’ Joint Mission to the State. More details and the seminar programme are available HERE. The event was a huge success and topics discussed at the seminar were of the most importance for the EU Delegation and for Australia-EU economic relationships.

The EU Centre for Global Affairs Annual Grant Program recipient Professor Kym Anderson AC, George Gollin Professor of Economics and Executive Director of the Wine Economics Research Centre, University of Adelaide and Professor of Economics, Crawford School of Public Policy, Australian National University, Canberra delivered his presentation on “The Australia-EU FTA: Agriculture, food and wine issues” in Panel 1.

In the following Panel on Geographic Indications Dr Danny Friedmann, Faculty of Law, University of Macau presented by video his recent case study “Clash of the Old and the New World of Wine in China: A Case Study of Competition, Innovation and Prosecco“. A full text of the paper and a video are available HEREIvano Casella, Trade Counsellor, EU Delegation to Australia responded with his presentation on “The benefit of a system of GIs for agricultural products: the EU experience”.

The EU Centre for Global Affairs would like to thank everyone involved.

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The last blog reporting on the final research outcomes of the EU Centre for Global Affairs Annual Grant Program reported to date covers the 2017 allocation round. The final grant reports were received from the following grant recipients.

Associate Professor David Brown, the Adelaide Law School organised a research symposium on “Business Rescue Law Reform in Australia and the EU”. The symposium was hosted on 16 March 2017 by the Regulation of Corporations, Insolvency and Taxation (ROCIT) unit at the University of Adelaide, in conjunction with support from the EU Centre for Global Affairs. More details are available in the event report HERE.

Panel of speakers included:

  • Professor Gerard McCormack, Professor of International Business Law, University of Leeds, School of Law. Presentation on “Business Restructuring in Europe: Making a Fresh Start”.
  • Professor Michael Veder, Radboud University, Nijmegen, Faculty of Law. Presentation on “Proposed pre-insolvency restructuring laws: is Europe on the Right Track?”.
  • Mr David Proudman, Partner, Johnson Winter & Slattery, Sydney. Presentation on “Reviewing the Tool Box- the Arrium Experience”.
  • Associate Professor Jason Harris, the University of Technology Sydney, Faculty of Law. Presentation on “The efficacy of Voluntary Administration – an empirical approach”.
  • Associate Professor David Brown, Adelaide Law School, the University of Adelaide, Co-Director of ROCIT – commentator.

Further outcomes from the symposium have included a forthcoming book chapter co-authored by Professor Veder based on his lecture: M Veder and A Mennens, “Preventive Restructuring Frameworks”, in Busch, Avgouleas and Ferrarini (eds), Capital Markets Union in Europe, OUP, Oxford, early 2018. Jason Harris’s presentation was in furtherance of his PhD on “Voluntary Administration, Is it Still fit for Purpose”, under the Principal supervision of Associate Professor David Brown at Adelaide Law School.

Issues identified in the symposium in relation to the EU restructuring draft Directive formed part of the course material for Associate Professor Brown’s recent course, Comparative Corporate Rescue, which is part of the Graduate Certificate in Insolvency Law programme. Associate Professor Brown is presenting a paper at the Academic Committee of the Banking and Financial Services Law Association workshop in Sydney, 30 November 2017, on “Class Composition in Schemes of Arrangement”, building on some of the issues raised in relation to the use of Schemes in the EU proposal, and in the UK.

Associate Professor Pamela Kent, Accounting and Finance, Adelaide Business School, The University of Adelaide prepared a conference paper “Incentives for Prior Period Error Corrections under IAS 8” that was accepted for 28th Asian-Pacific Conference on International Accounting Issues on Maui, Hawaii, 6-9 November 2016. Associate Professor Kent further attended the European Accounting Association in May 2017 and presented a paper at the conference and had discussions with colleagues from European, US, Canadian, UK and Australian universities. A copy of the presentation is available HERE. Discussions were held with:

  • Professor Ellie Chapple, Queensland University of Technology Business School (Greenhouse gas emission disclosures).
  • Professor Ann Tarca, The University of Western Australia Business School (Audit fees).
  • Professor Dennis van Liempd, The University of Southern Denmark, Department of Business and Economics (Accounting Culture in Denmark).
  • Professor Greg Shailer, The Australian National University College of Business & Economics (Social responsibility reporting in Europe).
  • Professor Ken Trotman, The University of New South Wales Business School (Auditing in Europe).
  • Professor Jere Francis, The University of Missouri, the Trulaske College of Business (Auditing in Europe).
  • Professor Gordon Richardson, The University of Queensland Business School (Social responsibility reporting in Europe).

The key findings presented in the paper are that this research indicates there is substantial overlap between the factors associated with earnings corrections and those identified as determinants of earnings management. Results show that error adjustments reported under IAS 8 are significantly associated with the ratio of CEO cash bonus to salary, poor performance and change of CEO. These results suggest that certain companies are using IAS 8 as a method for earnings management.

Associate Professor Kent plans to work further on the paper and with the data set and expects to submit it to an internationally refereed journal by June 2018. Another paper is expected to be submitted to a journal by September 2018.

Dr Nengye Liu, the Adelaide Law School travelled to Hobart, Tasmania between 5-7 July 2017 and spoke at the “Depths and Surfaces: Understanding the Antarctic Region through the Humanities and Social Sciences” Conference, which was convened by the Scientific Committee on Antarctic Research’s Humanities and Social Sciences Expert Group.

In 2016 Dr Liu travelled to Hobart and observed the 35th annual Meeting of the Commission for Conservation of Antarctic Marine Living Resources (CCAMLR). During this trip he held a number of meetings with key representatives from the Secretariat of the CCAMLR, Antarctic Ocean Alliance and the Chinese delegation, as well as leading Australian Antarctic governance experts. Dr Liu also travelled to Canberra, where he met:

  • Professor Donald Rothwell from Australian National University College of Law;
  • Professor Anne-Marie Brady from University of Canterbury, New Zealand as well as
  • Dr Scott Wyatt from the EU Delegation to Australia.

As part of his research project on “The EU and the Conservation of Marine Living Resources in Antarctica” Dr Liu prepared an article “How China Came in from the Cold to help set up Antarctica’s Vast New Marine Park” for the Conversation. It attracted over 7500 readers globally. Radio Adelaide and the Wire Radio subsequently interviewed Dr Liu about the establishment of Ross Sea marine protected area:

The final paper is expected to be finalised and submitted to a leading peer-reviewed journal by December 2017.

Australian Business Council of Co-operatives and Mutuals (BCCM) provided their findings and a final report on “Innovative, best practice examples of public-private partnerships for economic development and regional co-operation involving the co-operative and mutual sector in Europe” project.

The research was intended to deepen an understanding of the legislative, regulatory, social and organisational factors that influence the development of robust and innovative co-operative sectors in order to inform BCCM’s contribution to the important current debate in Australia about the delivery of human services.

As a result of the project BCCM has provided evidence from the EU to inform Australian governments on best practice in legislative reforms and regulatory regimes to enable the Co-operative and Mutual Enterprises (CME) sector to play a greater role. BCCM has also provided evidence to the Australian government on the ways in which this best practice can be further leveraged to assist in its aid and development program in the Asia-Pacific region. Recent Federal Government reviews have provided support for an increased engagement with the CME sector in public policy reform. The evidence from the EU gathered in the published report, will make a vital contribution to the developing field of Third Sector research in Australia.

The final research report was published by the Business Council of Co-operatives and Mutuals in March 2017.


The EU Centre for Global Affairs expects four more final grant reports of the 2017 allocation round from:

  • Dr Adam Loch, Centre for Global Food and Resources, The University of Adelaide.
  • Dr Karlson Hargroves, Sustainable Development Fellow, Entrepreneurship, Commercialisation and Innovation Centre, The University of Adelaide.
  • Professor Jennifer Rutherford, Director, the J.M. Coetzee Centre for Creative Practice, The University of Adelaide.
  • Associate Professor David Brown, the Adelaide Law School (second grant).
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This post continues a series of blogs reporting on the final research outcomes of the EU Centre for Global Affairs Annual Grant Program with the final grant reports of the 2016 allocation round received from the following grant recipients.

Dr Allan O’Connor, Entrepreneurship, Commercialisation and Innovation Centre, The University of Adelaide completed the final report of his work on “Cluster Evaluation Methods” project. The observations and contributions passed onto the The Competitiveness Institute (TCI) Cluster Evaluation Working Group team to conclude the trial task of survey methodology adjustment for practical application are available HERE. Also as another research outcome of working with the TCI survey methodology data analysis and final reporting to the South Australian Defence Teaming Centre (DTC) was concluded in January 2017. An article in SA Defence Business (the official publication of the DTC) following the engagement with DTC that acknowledges this work is available HERE.

Dr Tiziana Torresi, Department of Politics & International Studies, The University of Adelaide presented a paper with a panel at the Society for Applied Philosophy Annual Conference 2016, 1-3 July, Queen’s University, Belfast as part of the ongoing analysis of regional migration governance including a comparative perspective. The panel’s conversation and research convergence of the participants resulted in the creation of a permanent, informal research group, consisting of:

  • Professor Christine Straehle, The University of Groningen, Faculty of Philosophy.
  • Associate Professor Valeria Ottonelli, The University of Genoa, Department of Antiquity, Philosophy and History.
  • Assistant Professor Eszter Kollar, The University of Leuven, Centre for Ethics, Social and Political Philosophy.
  • Dr Alasia Nuti, The University of York, Department of Politics.
  • Dr Tizina Torresi, The University of Adelaide, Department of Politics & International Studies.

A remainder of the grant was used to organise a workshop in Genova, on the topic of “Vulnerability, Rights and Agency in Labour Migration” Department of Antiquity, Philosophy and History, University of Genova, on 5 December 2016 with the research group. Dr Torresi’s presentation is available HERE. The workshop resulted in a special issue on the same topic which is currently under review with the Journal of Applied Philosophy (six papers), including “Temporary migration projects, special rights and social dumping” paper by Dr Torresi.

Dr Mehdi Jafarian, School of Mechanical Engineering, The University of Adelaide visited the University of ETH Zurich in Switzerland and the University of Naples Federico II in Italy as part of his “The Novel Concept of Liquid Chemical Looping Air Separation” project. The visit to the University of ETH Zurich has led to drafting a joint journal paper and also resulted in strengthening the collaboration between the University of Adelaide and ETH Zurich through investigation of new research fields for further collaboration, such as development of a novel concepts like solar bubble receiver, developed at the University of Adelaide. Dr Jafarian had several meetings with the below ETH Zurich, Department of Mechanical and Process Engineering personnel, especially early carrier researchers:

  • Professor Aldo Steinfeld, Chair of Renewable Energy Carriers.
  • Dr Andreas Haselbacher, Senior Research Associate.
  • Dr Philip Furler, Research Associate/Pioneer Fellow.
  • Dr Stefan Strohle, Post-doctoral researcher.
  • Dr Emilano Casati, Post-doctoral researcher.

A paper is in preparation with a full draft scheduled for February 2018. Planned title of the paper is Mehdi Jafarian, Woei Saw, Andreas Haselbacher, Aldo Steinfeld, Graham Nathan, “Techno-economic assessments of a mid-temperature hybrid solar process”. The aim, objectives and methodology of the paper have been discussed and finalised. The manuscript has been discussed in several meetings with ETH Zurich personnel and the development of the process configuration and logic control strategy are in the progress. The manuscript is in progress with a full draft to be submitted to the Journal of Solar Energy. A second paper is envisaged following the first paper.

The visit to the University of Naples Federico II was also very productive and fruitful and has led to establishment of a collaboration between the institutions, so that further discussions is in progress to plan the visit of a researcher from the University of Naples Federico II to the University of Adelaide in July 2018. The visit is planned to assess the performance of a first-of-a-kind indirectly heated solar receiver. Professional research contacts during the visit include:

  • Professor Piero Salatino, Professor of Chemical Engineering, Chairman – School of Polytechnic and Basic Sciences.
  • Roberto Solimene, Senior Researcher, Institute for Research on Combustion (IRC-CNR).
  • Dr Maurizio Troiano, Research Fellow, School of Polytechnic and Basic Sciences.
  • Dr Claudio Tregambi, Research Fellow. School of Polytechnic and Basic Sciences.


The EU Centre for Global Affairs expects two more final grant report of the 2016 allocation round from:

  • Associate Professor Alan Gamlen, Director, Hugo Centre for Migration and Population Research, The University of Adelaide.
  • Matt Lady, Doctoral student / Research assistant, the Adelaide Law School.
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The School of Economics & the Economic Society of Australia (SA) invites you to a lecture presented by Professor Klaus Zimmerman. Prof. Dr. Klaus F. Zimmermann is a Visiting Professor and Eminent Scholar of Melbourne University and Macquarie University, Co-Director POP at UNU-MERIT, Professor of Economics at Bonn University and President of the Global Labor […]

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This post starts a series of blogs reporting on the final research outcomes of the EU Centre for Global Affairs Annual Grant Program. The research funds were allocated for research activities which have a bearing on the EU-Australia relationship on the basis of a competitive application process throughout three rounds in 2015, 2016 and 2017 […]

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The EU Centre for Global Affairs is delighted to present three more prizes to students who entered a film competition involving extending cultural understandings by investigating connections between Europe and Australia. The judges were pleased to see the Netherlands featured in this film from Year 4 students Rudy, Huon and Louie at Goulburn Street Primary School, Tasmania, interviewing their […]

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With the two-day conference entitled “Fulfilling the Vision: European Union Futures?” coming to a close on the morning of Wednesday 18th October, the event shifted from the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology University campus to the University of South Australia campus for its final event, entitled “The Future of the EU Summit” organised by the Hawke […]

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Roderick Abbott and Hosuk Lee-Makiyama, European Centre for International Political Economy (ECIPE) co-authored Chapter on “EU and Australia: Europe’s Challenges and Policy Options for Future Trade” for Section 3 in a recently published book “Australia, the European Union and the New Trade Agenda” by the Australia and New Zealand School of Government and the Australian National University (ANU) Centre for European Studies. The book is […]

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The EU Centre for Global Affairs Annual Grant Program recipient Professor Richard Pomfret, Professor of Economics and Jean Monnet Chair on the Economics of European Integration at The University of Adelaide, wrote a brief report “Australia as an EU Partner” for a weekly newsletter showCASE of the Center for Social and Economic Research in Warsaw, Poland. A full text […]

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The European initiative EPIC aims to strengthen the ties between Europe and Australia, Singapore & New Zealand through academic, industrial and political partnership. To investigate joint RTDI (Research, Technology Development & Innovation) collaboration potential in topical ICT fields, EPIC is co-funding expert visits either from the EU to one of the partner countries in the Asia-Pacific […]

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