Life Strikes Back

How the explosion of knowledge in genomics
is enhancing our ability to conserve species

We’ve all heard the bad news for biodiversity. Threats posed by climate change, habitat loss and invasive species are widely recognised as the most serious in the history of the earth.

Less well known is the positive story unfolding simultaneously in the field of biodiversity genomics. We now have unparalleled access to information on the genomes of species, and it’s revolutionising our ability to conserve life.

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Genetic labels are being developed to counter the trade in illegally harvested species. Strategies are being refined to increase the adaptive potential and resilience of species and ecosystems. And genomics data is being used to identify conservation priorities.

In this hope-restoring presentation, the University of Adelaide’s Professor Andrew Lowe will bring the good news to light.

Professor Andrew Lowe is Chair in Plant Conservation Biology and Director of the Australian Centre for Evolutionary Biology and Biodiversity at the University of Adelaide. He is also Head of Science within the Science Resource Centre for the SA Dept of Environment and Natural Resources.

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