Between Quill and Quaver

An exploration of the remarkable relationship between words and music

The relationship between words and music has captivated and intrigued for centuries. In the right hands their combination creates art of great power, beauty, and subtlety. Yet interpreting the dynamics of their interplay has proved elusive.

Some maintain that instrumental music is the highest expressive art form, whilst others argue that music is powerless without words.

So to what extent do music and words influence each other in the collaborative process?

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In this stimulating presentation, Professors Graeme Koehne, Peter Goldsworthy and Mark Carroll of the University of Adelaide’s J.M. Coetzee Centre for Creative Practice will cast new light on the relationship between words and music.

Discussing the topic in relation to Graeme and Peter’s collaboration in their eagerly anticipated one-act chamber opera, The Ring Tone Cycle, their insights will challenge assumptions and enhance artistic appreciation.

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