Stem Cells: extracting the facts

A Research Tuesdays forum Few lines of medical research hold quite so much promise – nor capacity to divide opinion – as stem cell therapies. As a leading institution globally in this important field, the University of Adelaide invites you to a public forum to cast light on its every angle – historical, clinical and […]

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The Pathology of Gluttony

Inaugural Lecture Mention “cirrhosis” and it typically conjurs an immediate association with excessive alcohol consumption. But although this connection is well established, it’s not the end of the story. The full spectrum of so-called “fatty liver diseases” that interfere with the liver’s normal metabolism of fat and lead to cirrhosis, are also increasingly recognised as […]

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Gallipoli Revisited

A Research Tuesdays forum In recognition of this year’s Centenary of the ANZAC Gallipoli landing, the University of Adelaide is delighted to invite you to an information-filled forum to explore some of the occasion’s greatest legacies. You will hear: Why Gallipoli was a critical turning point for the Australian Army Medical Corps – there’s a […]

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The naked Pure Mathematician

Inaugural Lecture Some vocations elicit immediate respect and understanding. Medicine and law, for example. Teaching and engineering. Pure mathematics, however, presents for most people an unfathomable mystery. By definition, it’s the study of abstract mathematical concepts, as opposed to applied mathematics, which considers the physical application of maths in the “real” world. Yet in practice […]

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Treat, trial and transform

Towards a globally self-learning and wholly evidence-informed health system When it comes to receiving medical treatment, the majority of us would make a fundamental assumption: sound evidence exists to suggest the proposed course of action will improve our condition. Too often, however, that assumption’s wrong. All over the world, including here in SA, around 50% […]

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Far from the Car

The case for transformational economic change in the face of the automotive industry’s approaching collapse With every passing day we’re another step closer to the end of automotive manufacturing in Australia. But before that fateful day arrives we must, as a society, make a critical choice. Will we merely attempt to shift our existing skill-sets […]

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