Nicholas Kingsbury, Professor

Professor Nicholas Kingsbury, Cambridge

Nick Kingsbury received an honours degree in 1970 and a PhD. degree in 1974, both in electrical engineering, from the University of Cambridge, UK. From 1973 to 1983 he was a Design Engineer and subsequently a Group Leader with Marconi Space and Defence Systems, Portsmouth, specialising in digital signal processing and coding, as applied to speech coders,spread spectrum satellite communications, and advanced frequency hopping radio systems.

Since 1983 he has been Director of Studies in Information Engineering at Trinity College Cambridge, and from 1986 a University Lecturer in Signal Processing at the University of Cambridge. In October 2000 he was appointed to a Readership in the Department of Engineering at Cambridge and in October 2007 he became Professor of Signal Processing. He is a member of the IEEE and is head of the Signal Processing and Communications Research Group.

Nick’s Cambridge University Webpages


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