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Garry Newsam, Associate Professor

Associate Professor Garry Newsam, DSTO

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Nicholas Kingsbury, Professor

Professor Nicholas Kingsbury, Cambridge Nick Kingsbury received an honours degree in 1970 and a PhD. degree in 1974, both in electrical engineering, from the University of Cambridge, UK. From 1973 to 1983 he was a Design Engineer and subsequently a Group Leader with Marconi Space and Defence Systems, Portsmouth, specialising in digital signal processing and […]

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Naoya Ohta, Professor

Professor Naoya Ohta, Gunma University Professor Ohta’s Gunma University webpages can be viewed here: Prof. Ohta’s webpages

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Henry Detmold, Dr

Since 2009, Dr Henry Detmold has been the Chief Technology Officer (and Founder) of Snap Network Surveillance, a venture capital funded startup company, which is commercialising research conducted at the Australian Centre for Visual Technologies within the University of Adelaide. Prior to this, Henry was employed full time as a lecturer and researcher within ACVT […]

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Philip Torr, Professor

Professor Philip Torr Oxford-Brookes University Philip Torr did his PhD (DPhil) at the Robotics Research Group of the University of Oxford under Professor David Murray of the Active Vision Group. He worked for another three years at Oxford as a research fellow, and is currently a Visiting Fellow in Engineering Science at the University of […]

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