Trung Pham, Dr

Trung is a research fellow based at the University of Adelaide, working with Ian Reid. Trung secured his PhD in Computer Vision from the Australian Centre for Visual Technologies, the University of Adelaide, in June 2014. His thesis topic mainly focused on innovating robust statistical algorithms that effectively and efficiently discover multiple objects/structures from vision data (e.g., images). Trung was awarded a Google PhD Fellowship in 2012, and was one of only 200 young researchers selected worldwide to attend the Heidelberg Laureate Forum in 2013.

As part of the ACRV, Trung will work on semantic scene segmentation. Specifically, he will develop the algorithms and representations to represent the environments dynamically captured by robots in terms of semantic entities such as doors, walls, cars, streets, trees, etc., as well as their properties and relationships.

ACRV Homepage: ACRV

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