Data to Decisions CRC PhD Research Scholarships

PhD Research Scholarships

Expressions of Interest for the Data to Decisions CRC PhD Research Scholarships are invited from outstanding students to undertake PhD studies with the Data to Decisions CRC (D2D CRC) at ACVT. D2D CRC PhD Research Scholarships have been established to encourage outstanding PhD students to undertake research programs in the areas of Data Analytics and Decision Support. Specifically:

  • machine learning techniques for information extraction across large-scale collections of text, imagery and other data sources;
  • development of techniques for search and retrieval of data relevant to the mission of intelligence analysts and operators;
  • risk profiling and prediction to enable understanding and detection of trends, anomalies and correlations in data and events;
  • techniques, frameworks and man-machine visualisation tools that improve the ability of analysts to explore and visualise large, heterogeneous data sets.

Why a Big Data PhD?

Data scientists:

  • There is a desperate global shortage of data scientists and this is a need that has been reinforced by Australian industry and the national security agencies
  • “Data scientist: the sexiest job of the 21st century” – Harvard Business Review
  • The Institute of Analytics Professionals of Australia (IAPA) revealed that the average salaries paid for data scientists in Australia has surged to almost $110k a year
  • “The shortage of data scientists is becoming a serious constraint in some sectors.” – Harvard Business Review

D2D CRC will produce industry ready PhDs by supplementing their research with industrial collaboration, national security knowledge and coursework to cover other facets of data science.

Download this PDF for further information.

To apply, go to the Adelaide Graduate Centre webpages


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