‘Makey Makey’ your own fun with Digital Technologies

It is wonderful to see staff at St Catherine’s College in The Whitsundays, Queensland, having fun while learning about Digital Technologies with the CSER Makey Makey Kit. Samantha Hinton, Assistant Principal Curriculum, learned about the CSER Lending Library after participating in a CSER Digital Technologies workshop with Lauren Stanhope.

‘Our teachers have participated in workshops to develop their skills in STEM and their knowledge of the Digital Technologies curriculum. At St Cath’s we have some excellent resources to support the development of this curriculum area and STEM initiatives. Staff ‘played’ with Makey Makey, WeDo 2.0, Lego robots and Probots. Our students love these lessons!’

St Catherine's 1St Catherine's 2aSt Catherine's 3St Catherine's 5a

Visit the CSER homepage to register your interest in CSER professional development and the CSER lending library.

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