On the 31st of October CSER are partnering with the Digital Technologies Hub to deliver a free webinar on assessment for Digital Technologies!

Rebecca and her team at CSER have developed a framework, in partnership with Martin Richards at the Digital Technologies Hub, to help teachers with the interpretation of the ACARA achievement strands for Digital Technologies. In this webinar Rebecca walks us through an approach to generate assessment activities using Bloom’s Revised Taxonomy. Rebecca will show how to use the achievement standards and content descriptors as a guide for breaking down and identifying the skills, behaviours and knowledge you are seeking students to demonstrate. We’ll refer to the use of checklists, student interviews (think-alouds) and rubrics. We will also refer to the SOLO Taxonomy as a way of differentiating a task and using this as a basis for assessment.

Join them to get some ideas for formative assessment and summative assessment, as well as assessment as learning, where students engage in the assessment process using relevant strategies and as they reflect on their learning experience.

Participants who register will receive a Handout, including access to an exclusive PL-in-a-Box pack on Assessment that you can run with your colleagues!

DATE: WED 31 October 4.30-5.30 (AEDT)

RSVP: To register click the link and follow the prompts.

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Working with Digital Technologies in a WA Regional School

Robin McKean, CSER Project Officer WA and Franca Dillon, Associate Principal, Bunbury Primary School

The WA CSER Digital Technologies Project Officer in collaboration with Bunbury Primary School Associate Principal, Franca Dillon and the Early Years staff designed a sequence of professional learning sequence lesson sessions.

The lesson sequences were designed to support the further uptake and consolidation of Digital Technologies already mapped to the school’s K-6 Digital Technologies scope and sequence.

Lesson 1 involved integrating across learning areas, staff and students working together using play based learning to think computationally. Dance and movement games activities, poetry, and tactile resources including Tangrams, Beebots and Osmo were used to build Algorithm knowledge and skills.

Students then used their own set of direction cards and post it notes to develop their own pseudo code for playground hop scotch game and some ‘Boot Scootin’ moves with their Beebot – a simple poem signalled the shape of things to follow – the story of the Tangram Square and a little Chinese boy who was extremely bored:

So he took a plank and his father's sword 
And he made a square and split it in seven;
He did it all morning from eight to eleven...


Lesson 2 involved using tangram shapes. Students cut out a set of Tangram shapes, then applied their information to get their Beebots to move along a tangram number line. This enabled students to become familiar with the shapes before programming them. Students then programmed their robots to travel around a 2D shape game board using their carefully constructed tangram shape die.



As a follow up students:

  • recreated and coded tangram algorithms
  • created and coded our own tangram shapes
  • used Beebot apps and 2D map emulator activities
  • used Book Creator to design and create a Tangram Shape Instruction Booklet using student Tangrams, algorithms and the app in 2D shapes
  • used Osmo to arrange tangible puzzle pieces into matching on-screen shapes.

In conclusion, using a sequence of lessons enabled teachers to gain further confidence, as well as to consolidate their knowledge of using and integrating digital technologies between lessons. 

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The CSER Lending Library is about to have some new friends available to loan to schools. Please welcome Dash & Dot, Bluebot and Micro:bits. Our Project Officers have been busily preparing lesson plans aligned to the Curriculum so you can hit the ground running!

Our library team have also been working hard to package the materials into class kits and they will be ready to go to schools very soon! Loans are generally for a school term to allow plenty of time to make use of the kit with as many students as possible.

All schools are welcome to request a loan kit.  As with all CSER kits, priority is given to schools in lower socio economic areas and to schools that have undertaken professional development with a CSER Project Officer and/or have participated in our online courses (MOOCS). The CSER Lending Library is funded by the Australian Government Department of Education and Training.

Register your interest in a library kit via this link:

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A selection of upcoming CSER events are listed below. CSER has a project officer located in every State and Territory so if you don’t see a workshop near you, please contact us to register your interest for a workshop to be held at your school. NSW public events with Meridith Ebbs 6 November 2018, Digital […]

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By Libby Foley, Teacher, Injinoo Junior Campus Students and staff at Injinoo Junior Campus excitedly received a CSER mixed kit from the CSER National Lending Library. The school is a remote Indigenous community in Cape York Queensland that caters for the educational needs of students from Injinoo and Umagico communities. During a student free day, teachers […]

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Want to explain to a colleague what the CSER MOOCs Digital Technologies Education program is all about? Show them this quick snippet to help spark their interest:   Or visit the CSER Youtube channel

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By Bridoen Schloss, Field Services, Mount Isa School of the Air Mount Isa School of the Air were extremely fortunate to borrow a kit of Spheros from the University of Adelaide’s CSER Lending Library for our recent minischools in Term 3. The Lending Library is such an amazing resource for teachers where loaning of Digital […]

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Our friends at the Digital Technologies Hub regularly run a series of Webinars relating to the Digital Technologies Curriculum. We’d like to highlight their most recent webinar that was held on Wednesday 26 September at 4:00pm ACST. The focus of the webinar was ‘Inclusive Education in the Digital Technologies Curriculum’. Martin Richards, Content Manager, Digital Technologies Hub, together with […]

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Our free PL-in-a-Box initiative supports professional learning (PL) of Digital Technologies in your school or community. We’ve created ready-made PL resources designed to support you or your team in delivering free professional learning sessions, workshops or events for Digital Technologies. We’ve designed a new Pl-in-a-Box pack for delivering a workshop on Makerspaces! The workshop covers: […]

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By Pam Niewman, St Robert’s School, Newtown, VIC Dear CSER Digital Technologies Education Team We wanted to let you know what a great resource the Beebots, accessories and lesson plans were, and just how much better the learning became when we were able to share one robot between two students. The great thing was that […]

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