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Lachlan Moldenhauer

Dr Lachlan Moldenhauer is a Research associate in the School of Paediatrics and Reproductive Health, and Robinson Institute at the University of Adelaide.

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The Discriminating Female

How the choosy female immune system exercises reproductive quality control
Presented by: Sarah Robertson
When: Tues 10th May, 5.30-6.30pm
Where: Horace Lamb Lecture Theatre. North Terrace Campus

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Sarah Robertson

Professor Sarah Robertson is Co-Director of the Research Centre for Reproductive Health at the Robinson Institute.

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Research Institutes

The University has established a number of world-class research institutes in partnership with government and industry.

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The Robinson Institute

The Robinson Institute brings together over 300 research staff and students and four leading research centres at the University of Adelaide. By focusing on the earliest stages of life, the Robinson Institute is looking at preventing disease and promoting health in children and adults across generations. The Institute bridges the gap between research discoveries and […]

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Ultrasound Image

We’re born like that

New research shows males and females approach risk-taking differently even in utero.

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