ISMAR prize

The paper Real-time Modelling for AR Applications won second prize in the best paper awards at the International Symposium on Mixed and Augmented Reality 2010 in Seoul, Korea.

The paper describes a method for generating 3D models of objects which requires minimal user interaction.  The motivation was the desire to allow users to create special effects to video as it is captures.  The interface is thus suitable for implementation on a video camera or phone.

The paper is available here.

The video shows the technique being used to copy and paste real objects in live video.  The user can thus indicate the object they are interested in, and then indicate where they’d like it to appear.  The system models the object and renders it where it needs to be, all as the video is being captured.

The slides for the ISMAR talk are available here.

The bibtex for the paper is
pages = {199--205},
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author = {Bastian, J and Ward, B and Hill, R and Van Den Hengel, A and Dick,A},
abstract = {We present a method for estimating the 3D shape of an object from
a sequence of images captured by a hand-held device. The method is
well suited to augmented reality applications in that minimal user
interaction is required, and the models generated are of an appropriate
form. The method proceeds by segmenting the object in every image
as it is captured and using the calculated silhouette to update the
current shape estimate. In contrast to previous silhouette-based
modelling approaches, however, the segmentation process is informed
by a 3D prior based on the previous shape estimate. A voting scheme
is also introduced in order to compensate for the inevitable noise
in the camera position estimates. The combination of the voting scheme
with the closed-loop segmentation process provides a robust and flexible
shape estimation method. We demonstrate the approach on a number
of scenes where segmentation without a 3D prior would be challenging.},
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