ACVT ARC Discovery Projects success

Profs David Suter and Anton van den Hengel were both awarded ARC Discovery Grants to begin in 2011.

They are:

  • Computer vision from a multistructural analysis framework, Prof D. Suter.  Computer vision has applications in a wide variety of areas: security (video surveillance), entertainment (special effects), health care (medical imaging), and economy (improved automation and consumer products). This project will improve the accuracy and reliability of such applications. Advances will also lead to new products and industries.
  • Added depth: automated high level image interpretation, Prof Anton J van den Hengel, Prof Philip Torr, Dr Simon M Lucey, Humans are very good at understanding the world through imagery, but computers lack this fundamental capacity because they lack experience of what they might see. This project will provide this experience by combining the large volumes of imagery on the Internet with three dimensional information generated by humans for other purposes.
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