Scalable classification for massive datasets: randomized algorithms (LP120200485)

ACVT has been awarded a 3 year ARC Linkage Grant valued at $510,000. The industry partner on the grant is LBT Innovations, an SA based biomedical company. The CIs on the project are Prof. Anton van den Hengel, Dr Chunhua Shen and Dr Qinfeng Shi.

Classification is a fundamental data analysis technology and is applied every day in fields from astronomy to zoology. It is used to identify causes of disease, forms of tax evasion, and sources of oil, but is even more critical to developing data-bound sciences such as genomics, semantic document analysis and precision agriculture. This project will develop classification technologies capable of distinguishing between tens of thousands of classes, which are trained and applied to massive datasets. These technologies will deliver a significant increase in the scale of problem which may be tackled, and to the scale of benefits which may be achieved.

Microbiological Automation

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