Visual tracking with environmental constraints (LP130100154)

ACVT has been awarded a 3 year ARC Linkage Project valued at $345,000. The industry partner is Champion Data, a Melbourne based sports statistics company. The CIs on the project are Dr Anthony Dick and Prof. Ian Reid.

Tracking people in video is a key problem in computer vision, with widespread application in areas such as automation, safety, and security. Often, tracking is limited by the quality of the video, crowding, or targets being visually indistinguishable. In this project we aim to incorporate a global model of the environment, which informs the tracker when visual data is ambiguous and can also be updated as conditions change. Our partner in this project is Champion Data, who are the official provider of play statistics for the AFL. A demonstrator system will automatically analyse sports footage, and record detailed information about each player, including their location on the field and their involvement in significant events.

AFL at the MCG

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