New CSER courses open for registration!

We are excited to announce that we have two new courses open for registration.

We have revised our Next Steps: Years 7 & 8 course, and it is now ready for new registrations. This new course follows a project-based learning model, exploring Digital Technologies from project creation to project implementation. In this course, we first explore Data Analysis and Visualisation, before exploring a choice of two implementation streams: Making Apps and Makerspaces. New streams will be introduced in coming years – you are welcome to take as many streams as you like, and will receive a certificate of completion for each one.

We also have a new course for Foundations-6, F-6 Digital Technologies: Extended. This course builds on our Foundations course, and explores how you might build a Digital Technologies curriculum integrated into other learning areas. In this first instance, we explore English and Mathematics, with new learning areas to follow.

Come join us to explore what Digital Technologies will look like in your classroom!

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