PL-in-a-Box for Demystifying Digital Technologies – Linda McIver

Linda McIver, a Computer Scientist and Educator at the John Monash Science School, shared how she used our PL-in-a-Box materials and content from the CSER F-6 MOOCs to run a professional learning session recently.

I ran a PD recently for a Primary School whose staff were trying to wrap their heads around the new Digital Technologies Curriculum that is intended to be active in Victorian Schools next year. I think the staff would forgive me for saying that they found the language in the curriculum a little daunting.

I based the PD heavily on the PL-in-a-Box slides provided by CSER at the University of Adelaide. I didn’t have anything like the time required to put resources together on my own, so PL-in-a-Box was a heaven sent opportunity to help this school out without spending hours developing supporting materials in my mythical free time.

Read more from “Demystifying Digital Technologies: Part 1“.

Visit Linda’s blog, Compute It Simple, to continue reading about her session and experience. Linda discusses the challenges with the language in the curriculum, and how she worked with teachers to break-down and explore the Digital Technologies using the sequence of content document form ACARA.

Linda McIver

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