The Next Steps 7&8: Making Apps MOOC is live!

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The MOOC explains the fundamentals of digital technology and computational thinking specifically addressing the learning objectives of the Australian Digital Technologies curriculum for Teachers of Years 7 & 8. The MOOC explores the design and development of a classroom project around application development, covering a range of Digital Technologies related skills from the Australian Curriculum. Starting from a conceptual model of the application, the MOOC covers design principles, various implementation approaches, as well as testing and debugging, together with evaluation and assessment ideas for each of these steps.

Within each unit, we include worked examples showcasing the concepts presented in the unit. Our worked examples focus on two apps, and throughout the MOOC we show how to organize and analyse data, how to design the app, how to develop and implement it, and then how to test and debug any issues. We also include a unit that focuses on the practical aspects of teaching Digital Technologies at years 78, with ideas for cross-curricular teaching as well as a breakdown of 3, 5, or 10-week modules depending on the available time.

We look forward to seeing you in our new MOOC!

 Blog post by Dr Claudia Szabo

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