New 9 & 10 MOOC – Project-based approach to Game Development

910ExploreYears 9 & 10 Digital Technologies: Explore!

Digital Technologies involves learning about how we can create new technologies, as well as use them. This course will guide you through the fundamentals of the content descriptors and achievement standards in the Australian Curriculum: Digital Technologies for Teachers of Years 9 & 10. We take a project-based approach in this course within the context of game development, working through stages from identifying your game, identifying the data requirements, design, implementation and testing. We will work with you to help you explore the concepts and processes that you need, as well as providing examples of classroom activities and evaluation & assessment.

Join us to learn about how digital technology can be integrated into your classroom, and connect with our Australia-wide community designed to share resources and support!

The MOOC is accepting registrations now and starts on 1 July 2017. Register here.
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