Hard Sell – The Ethics of Marketing

If television’s The Gruen TransferChoice magazine and the endless flow of on-line complaints are anything to go by, the marketing world is rife with unethical behaviour.

Indeed, a growing global body of research into corporate responsibility is revealing a deep undercurrent of public distrust. So how have we reached this point and, most importantly, can it change?

In this controversial presentation, University of Adelaide marketing and consumer behaviour expert Professor Pascale Quester dissects the many ethical dilemmas faced by marketers on a daily basis.

She also offers a variety of perspectives that could improve the morality of their decisions, and discuss the critical role to be played by “ethical consumers”.

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About the Speaker

p_questerProfessor Pascale Quester is the Executive Dean of the University of Adelaide’s Faculty of the Professions. She has over 150 published articles and internationally refereed conference papers, and is the Asia Pacific editor for theJournal of Marketing Communications.

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