Jason Eglinton

Associate Professor Jason Eglinton is the Barley Program Leader at the University of Adelaide.

Jason was appointed as a plant breeder at the Waite Campus in 2000 and has led the Barley Program since 2003.

The University of Adelaide conducts one of the world’s largest barley breeding programs with a field trial network of 100,000 test plots extending across Australia. Varieties from the program account for over 50% of the nation’s 8 million tonne crop each year and are used in a range of markets including domestic and international beer brands.

Applied research projects are conducted within the program to drive the next advances in plant breeding including work on tolerance to salinity, frost and drought as well as biochemical and genetic analysis of quality characteristics.

WATCH: Crafting fine South Australian beer

10 years of research from our barley breeding program has gone into Coopers Brewery’s new Botanic Ale. Discover their research impact here.

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